Battling Eczema

Battling Eczema – The Best Cream For Very Dry Skin [Guide]

Are you constantly uncomfortable because of your skin? Do you find your skin breaking open in vast crevasses, a desert where a lush oasis should be?

If that sounds anything like you, then you’re in the right place. In this article, I’m going to outline just what to look for in moisturizing skin creams, as well was what to avoid! Nature has provided us a vast reservoir of resources. Why not use it?

Don’t: Tacrolimus and Pimecrolimus

These two immunomodulators were brought into the world of eczema treatment to provide an alternative route to steroids. Not only can steroids have adverse effects in and of themselves, they aren’t a viable treatment option for anyone allergic to them.

Unfortunately, these attempts went south.

The FDA issued a warning for these drugs because they may increase the risk of skin cancer and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Even where they’re used today, users are always cautioned against long-term application due to these dangerous potential side effects.

What’s the verdict?

The best thing you can do with this deadly duo is to steer clear!

Do: Colloidal Oatmeal (CO)

The sands of time have parted long enough to reveal an age-old method of addressing eczema. The benefits of colloidal oatmeal can be traced back thousands of years, all the way to the ancient Egyptians and Romans.

This archaic power can still be harnessed today, and it can be done even better with the wonders of modern technology. CO is a powerful moisturizer. Not only does it work to rejuvenate and hydrate the skin, but it acts a protective seal, locking in the moisture and keeping out irritants and bacteria.

What’s the verdict?

Antidotes to very dry skin can be few and far between. You want to find a cream that includes colloidal oatmeal.

Don’t: Corticosteroids

Steroids are everywhere in eczema treatment. Their job is to reduce inflammation and thus clear up your skin. Unfortunately, they have some negative side effects.

  1. They can weaken the skin. Regular usage over a longer period of time can thin the skin and actually make it more difficult for your skin to stay hydrated. Not exactly the solution you’re looking for in a cream for very dry skin.
  2. Years of usage can lead to Topical Steroid Addiction. This is an incredibly painful condition where your eczema continues to get worse as it builds up a degree of immunity to the topical steroids you apply to the affected skin. This forces you to use even MORE of the cream with much stronger doses of steroids. Fighting to take your skin back from this can be an extremely long and painful process.

Do: Tamanu Oil

Tamanu Oil, coming from the tree nut of the Tamanu tree, is one of the greatest treasures of the tropics. Found on remote South Pacific Islands, Tamanu trees yield nuts that provide one of nature’s finest skincare elixirs.

Tamanu Oil or “dolno” [translation: no pain] to pacific islanders is an incredible skin regenerator. Research conducted at Meijo University revealed compounds that can actually inhibit skin tumor production! On top of that, it acts as an anti-inflammatory, repairing damage that’s done to the skin.

What’s the best news for determining what the best cream is for very dry skin?

Tamanu oil will hydrate the skin, ensuring moisture remains in your epidermis! If you want rivers in the desert of your skin, Tamanu oil acts as thunderous rain.

Don’t: Parabens

The 1950s gave birth to more than just the Baby Boomers. The cosmetic industry also saw the birth of parabens, preservatives that would soon become a staple in cosmetics. Unfortunately, a 2004 British study revealed parabens could be found in breast tumors.

This terrifying reality sent a scare through the whole industry. As a result, parabens are on their way out the door. The European Union even banned them. While consumers are advocating pulling parabens out of products sold in the US, the FDA has yet to comply.

While the American government might be willing to risk your health, you certainly don’t have to! Avoid these dangerous preservatives and find products that are either free of preservatives or use natural ones.

Do: Natural Preservatives

In the light of the paraben scandal, you want to be on the lookout for items with natural preservatives. These items will allow you to purchase products with longer shelf lives than ones that skip out on parabens and preservatives altogether.

A good example would be glycerin. Not only is it a top-of-the-line moisturizer, but it also will keep your creams lasting longer! A stunning edition to the best cream for very dry skin.

Don’t: Alcohol

While I’m not trying to drag anyone here into an AA meeting, it is something you want to avoid in your skin products. It may be good at killing bacteria, but it certainly isn’t good at keeping skin hydrated. If you’re looking for the secret sauce to the best cream for very dry skin, you won’t want this in the mix. In fact, you may even want to put it in your own little basket of deplorables.

Do: Jojoba Oil

If hydrating your skin was an Olympic sport, Jojoba oil would be on the fast track to a gold medal. This delectable desert delight is hydration dynamite; it removes all obstacles in its path! Your skin will cry tears of joy at its luscious embrace. It does four very important things:

  • It keeps your skin cells locked and loaded with moisture.
  • It soaks in deep. Its golden goodness will alleviate your skin’s irritation and inflammation.
  • It holds the keys to the kingdom that is your epidermis. Our sleeping princess [as one romantic botanist once dubbed it] is your skin’s fierce protector. It keeps irritants and bacteria OUT!
  • It is overflowing with antioxidants, an oasis of nourishment in a desert of dry skin.

Don’t: Oil Alone

While that may sound like a corny imperative from a suntan oil brand, what I’m referring to is the problem of oil absorption. Oil molecules are too big to be easily absorbed into the skin. This absolutely KILLS the effectiveness of potent oils like Tamanu and Jojoba. While yes, some effect will be achieved, it won’t be nearly as powerful as it could be if it was combined with ingredients to aid its absorption.

Do: MSM (Plant Sulfur)

Unlike oil, MSM has a much smaller molecule and can be more easily absorbed into the skin. This will increase the potential capacity for topical absorption. It paves the way for a more effective cream for very dry skin to be born.

Sulfur is also notorious for its medicinal effects. Its powers can be loosely attributed to the “youth” in the fountain of youth myth. Sulfuric hot springs have been making people’s skin look newer and younger with their rejuvenating properties.

That same incredible healing power and skin restoration is imbued in MSM as well, making it even more incredible. Not only does it increase the absorption and thus the efficacy of an eczema cream, it also has fantastic healing properties in and of itself.

Where do you start?

Whenever I read lists like this, I’m always left asking: where do I go from here? Sure, I have all this information, but how do I use it?

Here’s the good news:

Luveya’s Eczema Relief Cream is just that. It is the culmination of this information. Our formula is built with nature’s bricks, our choices meant to steer people clear of these tragically present and harmful ingredients.

Why not give it a try? If you don’t like it, we offer a 180-day happiness guarantee! We want you to find the skin care solution that works best for you. If that means refunding you money so you can search elsewhere, then that’s what we’ll do.

So, what do you have to lose?