Frequently Asked Questions about Luveya’s all natural products

Are your products 100% natural?

Yes. In addition, if you read our label you will see the simplicity of our ingredient list. We invite you to grab someone else’s product and compare them, you’ll see. Except for the vitamins  A & E, which are mineral based, all of our ingredients are plant based. We do not use any synthetic preservatives or petro chemicals.

What is the difference between active and inactive ingredients?

Active ingredients are identified and documented to perform a specific duty. For instance, Aloe Vera; a moisturizing product would identify Aloe as the “active” ingredient. In reality, several ingredients do the work in harmony with each other but we are required to list “active” ingredients. 

Our anti-fungal products may use Zinc Undecylenate as the active ingredient but MSM (organic plant sulfur) allows our active ingredient to perform better. Several essential oils are also included along with 72 plant trace minerals and other vitamins and nutrients. 

For Eczema Cream, Colloidal Oatmeal is our “active” ingredient. Additional ingredients such as willow bark, Tamanu Nut oil and cedar essential oil do a large part to relieve eczema.

Inactive ingredients are what the regulatory agency deems as “other” ingredients placed into a product, but not as important. 

We only list active and inactive ingredients this way because we have to. We believe they all work together as a whole. Our Formulator operates under the philosophy of combinations, not concentrations.

What’s up with the Canada manufacturing?

Simple, that is where our plant is located. JR, our amazing formulator operates his laboratory in British Columbia as well as a manufacturing plant.

Rather than introduce more steps which also introduce potential for error, we have JR formulate and complete our products at his facility. This way you are insured your cream is manufactured under the watchful eye of the man that invented and perfected the product. 

Canada is known for it’s high quality raw ingredients. Many of our ingredients would come from Canada either way.

Does my product contain a preservative; synthetic, petro based or otherwise?

We get asked this question quite often. It is a good and relevant question. Creams are very hard to make using natural, plant based ingredients let alone keep them fresh.

Our formulator is known for his ground breaking work in making a light, non greasy, effective, water based, plant based cream...without traditional preservatives.

We include a very important ingredient in our creams that is exclusive to us, Organic Plant Acids, (OPA). OPA was originally designed to be a gentle, organic, safe, anti-bacterial work horse. 

OPA gently kills pathogens and fungus very effectively while leaving healthy cells alone. The purpose of Organic Plant Acids all along in our creams has been to cleanse the skin surface while applying. Our creams deliver valuable plant based nutrients and vitamins quickly and deeply. You don’t want bacteria going in as well. 

OPA kills harmful pathogens so effectively that is also keeps our creams from oxidizing and growing stale or going bad. 

We know of cream samples that are over 10 years old that are still fresh, just because of OPA. OPA is a simple solution of various plant acids and minerals.

Is it true that you have no risk in buying our products? Refunds are easy!


If you are not completely satisfied with our product, contact us at support@luveya.com.

We will issue a refund immediately.

No Hassle.

No questions asked.

How soon will I receive the products I ordered?

We use Amazon’s fulfillment service. Their state of the art fulfillment technology allows for a nearly flawless experience in delivering your product to you. You can expect your product to arrive within 3-5 days.


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