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Luveya principles that benefit you and the story about why...

Our story begins long ago as two little girls with strong beliefs in a land far away

As with most families in our part of the world, a strong emphasis was placed on good health through natural remedies.  We have a passion for natural health promoting principles. These all important principles were instilled into our lives from a young age by parents and elders.

Nature is a large part of our life

We prefer plant based products.  The Asian culture has placed a huge emphasis on herbal healing for thousands of years. 

Grandma and Mother taught us to pay attention to the ingredients because it could save your life someday! 

We made a lot of our own remedies and paid attention to our lessons. We would learn to apply our principles wherever we found ourselves, whether at home or far away. 

Grown, still healthy and a lot wiser

Having moved to the United States, California specifically, we found that many people trusted our knowledge of natural ingredients and how to use them.  We have a passion for helping people, so we began making and packaging the products we use on ourselves for our friends and family here in California.

Whether it was a cream for eczema, pain, fungus or allergies, they worked

People began taking notice and using our handmade products because they worked, were natural and improved health.  We realized quickly that we had something special and should learn how to produce them in larger quantities.

Large quantity production degrades quality...NOT ON OUR WATCH 

Grandma and Mother trained us well.  They also taught us to drive a hard bargain. We do that to keep our products pure and of high quality. 

You win because of what we were taught! 

We learned our strengths and where we needed help

We are not too proud to reach out when we need help. Product sales were going well but something was missing.  We needed a boost, we needed something new and we found just what we were looking for.

We found our wonderful formulator, (JR), and a science previously not discovered by us. We were not familiar with the basic principles of this science.

JR was trained in ancient Asian principles of Ayurveda and other Far East techniques by great formulators of our time. He went on to work with some of the world’s leading scientists to develop botanically based products.  JR is a strong believer in plant based ingredients.  His work with rare plant acids developed an anti pathogenic product that improved lives in undeveloped areas.  

Humic Acid research he was involved with went on to develop a Fulvic Acid based line of products that perform a powerful detox for heavy metal poisoning and other toxins. This research led to a very important element in all of our creams; 72 plant trace elements. These elements are the building blocks of life and are needed to keep cells alive. When we eat foods, which should be healthy and balanced, the intent is to do it in a way so that we get these trace minerals. 

What is important is that because they are in our creams, they are delivered through the skin, or transdermal. Transdermal delivery of nutrients is one of the most efficient methods to get anything into your body.

His development of a water based cream is nothing less than ground breaking.  Creams have a very complex structure and are very hard to produce without heavy oils to suspend ingredients.  To think that a cream can be water based and so smooth and lightweight has delighted us all.  All of our creams are water based and this form works best and quickest to deliver the much needed nutrients. 

He has formulated for large and small companies and organizations.  Two that are significant here are the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations. He participated with a team of scientists to develop a natural, botanically based, anti fungal, anti bacterial treatment for isolated civilizations that were being afflicted by life threatening pathogens.

OPA was born here

OPA, (organic plant acids) is a product of JR’s involvement with these organizations. OPA is a large part of every product we produce. It prolongs shelf life, enabling us to eliminate the use of preservatives in our products.

Organic Plant Acids (OPA) are added in varying concentrations to all of our products. OPA is very simple but deadly effective. (deadly to harmful bacteria) It is a mixture of different salts and citrus based extracts. 

For instance, where eczema is being treated, it is very important to kill bacteria on the surface of the skin.  Bacteria hides in the creases of skin which inhibits healing.  When applied, the cream with OPA kills this bacteria so the cream can be most effective. OPA in our sinus infection spray is almost pure OPA.  It gently and effectively ends internal infections.  The same with other products that have anti bacterial applications.  We quickly realized that we wanted JR to lead us into the realm of science based, cutting edge technology that utilizes only natural, plant based ingredients.  JR agreed to help us and we are so happy!   He believes the way we do and helps us design products that adhere to our strong beliefs. His long association with suppliers of high quality ingredients has allowed us to produce products that are effective and natural. 

 Simple is better

One important benefit...you can pronounce the ingredients in our products and the list is not 3 inches high. JR showed us that you don’t need a lot of something to make it effective. In fact, if it is high quality and the right ingredient is combined with a catalyst ingredient, you have efficacy.  No need for complicated ingredient lists, just simple, natural and effective ingredients.

The principle is less concentration and more combination. But that takes skill and knowledge, testing and fact based trial and error to learn. Luveya products are plant based, natural and wonderfully simple. Check them out, you will see why we are so happy. 

We offer you Luveya products. Simple, natural and effective plant based products without synthetic ingredients or preservatives. 

Thanks for reading our story.

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