Eczema Cream for Adults

Eczema Cream for Adults – Kicking Butt With the Taekwondo Method!

Sometimes it feels like eczema is constantly requiring you to rake your nails into your skin, scratching away at an unendurable itch. Maybe you think back to being told as a child not to scratch your mosquito bites, because you’ll only make it worse. Now, here you are, a grown adult and the itch is irresistible. Sure, it’s a much different scenario, but the struggle is real!

Is there anything that can help?

In today’s article, I’m going to be talking about eczema cream for adults, as it’s one of our most powerful tools to fight back against eczema. By the end, you should have some actionable knowledge for sating that otherwise insatiable itch!


How do we fight against eczema? When we look for eczema products for adults, we want to find products that follow the Taekwondo Method!

What does one of the oldest forms of martial art in the world have to do with the best eczema cream for adults?

Very little. It has only provided a helpful acronym!



Every Itch





Dermis [into]



When it comes to eczema treatment, we must be ready to defend ourselves. Taekwondo is how we do that.

We need to find creams that will attack our incessant itching, reducing inflammation and irritation. The top eczema treatment should be defined also by its ability to keep our skin hydrating, locking in moisture so that our skin cells stay nice and plump.

We also want a product that nourishes our skin. We need something that doesn’t just take away the itch, but provides our skin a healthy glow – opalescence.

What’s opalescence?

Well it’s a word that describes the arcane and ethereal colorations of opals. These beautiful gems have an insane and stunning array of colors. They are seriously beautiful. That’s how we want our skin to look and feel. I mean, we probably don’t want it to have every color of the rainbow on it – but we certainly want it to ‘glow.’

How do we Fulfill Taekwondo?

We look for products that meet the requirements! For example, products with colloidal oatmeal will help keep our skin hydrated.

Here’s the scoop:

Colloidal oatmeal is one of history’s greatest eczema treatments. You will find that a “strong” eczema cream will come fully equipped with a drug born yesterday in a pharmaceutical lab. However, colloidal oatmeal has been a natural eczema treatment for adults since 2000 B.C.E. Let THAT sink in.

What else should we look for?

All natural anti-inflammatories are a must have. We also need something that really revitalizes the skin.

Good news:

There’s something out there that does BOTH! Tamanu oil is another of nature’s ancient elixirs that has fallen out of use in the modern era – at least in western societies. Born from the nuts of the Tamanu tree on South Pacific Islands, this stuff is liquid gold for treating eczema.

When it comes to the best eczema cream for adults, tamanu oil is a must have! Too often eczema creams for adults rely on steroids like hydrocortisone or harmful allergens like cetyl alcohol. These are not what we want!

What’s wrong with hydrocortisone?

It’s a lab born steroid that isn’t good for long-term use. It will weaken the skin, opening up cracks that allow room for bacteria and irritants. It also isn’t good to use on the sensitive skin of the face. If you’re looking for the best products for eczema on your face, anything with hydrocortisone is a NO GO!

Tragically, hydrocortisone is in a LOT of over the counter eczema cream, making your hunt for the best eczema cream for adults even harder!

The Light at the End of the Tunnel – Taekwondo Mastery

Best Eczema creamFortunately, I do have a product to share with you that has really mastered the Taekwondo Method! Luveya has pulled all of its ingredients from the arms of mother nature, and with her vast reservoir of resources, they’ve cooked up a fantastic skin care brew.

Luveya’s Eczema Relief Cream comes fully equipped with colloidal oatmeal and tamanu oil, as well as a whole host of essential oils and nature’s best skin care superstars!

If you’re looking for an eczema cream for adults that really kicks butt, fully employing Taekwondo, look no further!

What if I don’t like it?

Well boy do I have good news for you! Luveya offers a 180-day happiness guarantee! If you aren’t happy with it, they will give you a full refund – no questions asked – no returns necessary.